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Camp 2017 Preaching Contest Mechanics

Preaching Contest Mechanics for the upcoming Luzon Camp 2017.


  • Junior, Senior Youth
  • Adult
  • Elder
  • MBS
  • Probationary


  • Preaching Contestants must be a bona fide members of the particular department of the local churches. Former ministers / bible students are not allowed to join the contest.
  • Preaching contestants are to prepare one (1) contests outlines for the elimination round. Final round: impromptu, to be drawn on the night before the contest.
  • Contest Topics : Major Doctrines
    Choose any of the following doctrines :

    • Apostleship
    • True Church
    • Holy Spirit
    • Deity of Christ
    • 2nd Coming
    • Times and Seasons
    • End Time
  • Delivery time must not exceed seven (7) minutes .Warning signs will be given on the 5th minute and on the 7th, time is up.
  • Preaching contest piece may be delivered in English and Filipino.
  • Proper business attire is required.
  • Sequence of performance will be determined by drawing lots.
  • Contestants will be grouped for faster facilitation of the contest. Top scores from each group will be proclaimed finalists and shall compete on the final round.
  • Contestants will be recognized by their numbers and not by local names.


  • Content : 35%
  • Mastery : 25%
  • Delivery : 25%
  • Gesture : 15%


  • Contestants’ Local Church must pay a registration fee worth 300php. The said fee is one-time payment which covers all the contests that a Local Church can join.


Please click the link below to download.

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