6th KSA Camp – Day 1

The freezing temperature in the city of Riyadh did not stand a chance in smothering the spiritual burning desire of the excited campers during the opening service of the 6th KSA Camp. With this year’s theme “Finishing the Work Entrusted to Us” from 2 Cor 8:11, close to 400 brethren and guests from all across the seven local churches in Saudi Arabia flocked together for the 1st leg of the spiritual camps in the Middle East.

In his worship message, Beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca emphasized that the purpose of the end-time church’s calling is to finish God’s entrusted work which should be manifested in the life of every enlightened Christian. He also laid stress on the truth that the climactic part in doing the works of God is now at hand where serving God should be each one’s passion and finishing it should be the calling. The afternoon signaled the start of the Sports opening day where the eager campers sported their team uniforms with their respective banners, muses and escorts. The most anticipated mass demo competition also brought more color and enthusiasm to this special yearly gathering.

The kawan leaders’ night was another highlight of the day where Bishop Aldrin Palanca exhorted the works of the kawan leaders, i.e. to shepherd God’s flock, to make disciples and to produce more kawans. The 1st day of the 6th KSA Camp was indeed a success and another proof of God’s overflowing grace in the KSA churches.

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