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Capernaum 2nd Area Fellowship

Hindrances may arise yet every miracle do happen when you only believe. This is the evidence of your FAITH. The idea of strong belief even you have not seen it yet, made impossible things into reality. For some reason, the liberation of having freedom from the bondage of sin is the true essence of salvation through faith that was shown upon hearing the word of God.Capernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipThe glorious grace and praises echoed in the house of God as the Capernaum area conducted its 2nd Area Fellowship. The event started with the Sunday school service headed by Presbyter Reynald Sulayao. After that, worship service started with the singing of glorious songs lifting the name of the Lord headed by the Talisay praise and worship team. Capernaum Area Fellowship Capernaum Area Fellowship Then, the opening prayer followed which was led by Ptr. Melba Perez from Mandaue locale church. Brethren from the different locale churches of Cebu and Bohol had their warmed welcome from Tchr. Gelyn Malundo of the host church (Basak locale church). Then, the song of praise rendered to the Lord from the Capernaum young watchers in their Desert song.Capernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipAfter that, the reading of the holy scripture was led by Ptr. Mark Corcino and was followed by the song of praise that warm the hearts of everyone from Bantayan locale brethren in their beautiful rendition of the song about the miracle in believing. Next, the offertory message held the heart of the brethren to give without hesitation, was delivered by Ptr. Ranit Malundo area sub-coordinator and the head pastor of Basak Locale church.Capernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipThis was followed by the song of praise lifting the name of the Lord from the Bohol brethren. After that, the oath-taking for the newly selected youth and adult officers took place. Then, the Basak locale church serenaded everyone as they rendered a song of praise to God emphasizing the message to trust and obey God.Capernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipFinally, the message which brought strength and ignition of the power of the Holy Spirit inside the liberated people in the house of God was administered by Presbyter Reynald Sulayao. Taken from John 8:35 the theme “The liberated People are in the House of God” brought back the realization of God’s great blessing to His chosen people.Capernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area FellowshipCapernaum Area Fellowship


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