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Accomplishing Great Things for God—Floridablanca Local Church Turns 11 by God’s Grace

Floridablanca Locale brethren gathered to witness and proclaim God’s works in their 11th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving service. Their weeks of preparation and anticipation bore fruit as they celebrated with the theme from 2 Corinthians 2:14— “Accomplishing Greater Works in the End-Time”.Floridablanca Church AnniversaryBrethren’s spirits were high as the program formally started with the singing of praises and adoration led by Sister Chevone Bealtez and the Floridablanca Praise and Worship Team. Afterwards, Brother Jhun Bondoc led the opening prayer, while Brother Genesis Dabu led the reading of the Holy Scriptures.Floridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church AnniversaryThereafter, Sister Sally Capunpon made some announcements and gave her warm greetings to the guests and brethren. Praises and hymns were offered by Brother Carlo and Sister Chevone Benitez, the Cadets, Youth and Adult Choir.Floridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church AnniversaryPastor Reden Capunpon, Head Minister of Floridablanca Locale, delivered the message by emphasizing that giving leads to growth in faith and ministry in the Church. Shortly after, guest speaker Pastor Rene Solis, graced the congregation as he delivered the Word of God by teaching how the End-Time Church needs to accomplish great things. He declared, “those who overcomes shall be with Christ in His Second Coming!”Floridablanca Church AnniversaryTruly that this day is a day of thanksgiving to the Lord who gave the Church the blessed and divine privilege to worship Him in spirit and in truth. To God be all the glory!Floridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church AnniversaryFloridablanca Church Anniversary

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