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30th International Convention Opening Service

“Though your beginning was small, Yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” – Job 8:7

This year’s International Convention was a manifestation of the rapid growth of the End-Time Church. The continuous rise of the 4th Watch churches in the Philippines and in abroad have paved way for the expansion of the National Convention to International Convention in 1990.30th International ConventionThe celebration of the 30 years of the Church’s glorious growth started with a breathtaking performance from the youth of Cavite local churches. The audience was taken to a tour through the four watches of church history.30th International Convention30th International ConventionUnending praises and adoration brimmed the place as the parade of flags marched down the aisle, followed by the program partakers, Church council members, Bishops, Evangelist Leticia Ferriol, and the Goodman of the House in the End-Time, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol.30th International ConventionThe Apostle formally opened the event followed by the Praise and Worship led by Sister Shane Daganio with the Christ’s End-Time Messengers.30th International ConventionSongs of Praises were bestowed unto God by the Christ’s End-Time Messengers, Goshen Area, and Bethel Area that primed and conditioned the congregation’s hearts and souls for the meditation of God’s Word.30th International Convention30th International ConventionThereafter, Bishop Arturo Ferriol introduced the keynote speaker of the event which was the Goodman of the House.  The Apostle motivated and encouraged to the delegates through the Word of God. He reminded everyone that dedicating the life for the ministry is not a loss. It has an eternal promise of salvation and a place in the kingdom of God.30th International ConventionStrengthened by the message, the thousands of delegates grew more in understanding God’s Word throughout the whole week of the 30th International Convention.30th International Convention30th International Convention30th International Convention30th International Convention30th International Convention



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