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Humble Beginnings, Magnificent Finale: Cyprus Locale Celebrates 1st Church Anniversary

Cyprus may be rich in history being one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean, but the most significant history has been made last May 14, 2017 as the members of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch of Cyprus Locale, headed by the Europe District Area Coordinator, Pastor Violy Concepcion, celebrated their 1st ever church anniversary with the theme: “Though the beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase” (Job 8:7). Although God’s faithfulness was no stranger to all, the brethren were still moved by the works of God, having up to more or less 70 attendees, half of them being guests with only a year after the locale’s establishment.

Cyprus Locale Church Anniversary

Sister Karen Carbonell delivered the message of giving with encouragement to the brethren to live up to God’s expectations to His people into being devoted in helping the ministry. Pastor Carlos Estopa, the guest speaker for the day, gave the message of God with conviction, giving the brethren a new challenge into making the verse taken from Job 8:7 be witnessed through the church of Cyprus Locale. Everybody was remarkably restored and strengthened in the faith with renewed dedication in supporting the growth of the church, making humble beginnings become magnificent finales.

Cyprus Locale Church Anniversary Cyprus Locale Church Anniversary

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