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Music Camp 2017 Day 3

God’s blessing and strengthening since day one up until the last is unwavering. At the beginning of the third day, campers woke up early to seek God’s presence through prayer. Pastor Rene Fremista, delivered the message of God and prepared their hearts before they commune with the Lord.

After breakfast, delegates immediately went back to the service hall and listened to Bishop Osie’s seminar. He reminded the campers that all ministries in the church are equally important in the sight of the Lord and so those in the music ministry must remain humble in their service to God.
Pastor Mar Dela Cruz, for the second seminar, gave three things to consider in utilizing talents to be used in the ministry of music. And these are primarily, the lifestyle, the gifts talent and the workplace. Shortly after, Bro. Kemuel Quillao moved on with his lesson in Fundamentals of Music.

Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017

As the day progresses, parallel sessions continued as well. Campers took in as much as they can knowing this will be the last day. They were then filled with knowledge that’ll surely hone their talents and be efficient in their service to the Lord. The delegates afterwards went to their respective sectional workshops and continued their preparation for recital and reviewed what they have learned on the past 2 days from their instructors. Everyone went busy on how they will execute their performance so they can give their best to the Lord and to give Him praise and gratitude on their God-given talents.

Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017

The night has come for the music campers. The culminating program started with the praise and worship team made up of different campers themselves and hosted by Brother Kemuel Quillao. The program started lively as it goes on. Later on, each category of workshop started performing and praises shouted by everyone filled up the whole sanctuary. God is too good to blessed His children with each distinct talents.

Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017

Music Camp 2017

Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017 Music Camp 2017

After all of performances, Bishop Osie Quillao left us the bible verse Philippians 4:9 to reflect with. Music Camp 2017 is indeed part of the history of our church as it is the first ever music camp conducted by the Goodman Music. Faces full of happiness and air filled with praises by everyone just overflowed throughout the sanctuary as we ended and claimed the success we received from God. This will be a life changing event for everyone who attended and as well as for the committee behind this for this serves as a spiritual empowerment using their God-given talents.

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