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Shiloh Area: Complete Freedom in Fulfilling the Apostolic Mandate in the End Time

Glorifying God in their freedom to fulfill the End- Time Apostolic Mandate, members of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Shiloh Area held their 2nd Area Fellowship in Batangas City Convention Center last June 25, 2017.

Consisting of Batangas Region Local Churches, Shiloh Area meditated upon the theme “Complete Freedom in Fulfilling the Apostolic Mandate in the End Time” from Jeremiah 34:15.

With the congregational singing led by Sister Kristel Joy Marikit together with the Tanauan Praise and Worship Team, it was evident that the faithful servants were all filled with joy and excitement.

Later on, songs of praise exalting the name of the Lord were rendered by our brethren from Balayan, Batangas City, and Rosario Local Churches.

Pastor Ning Ferriol powerfully administered the words of God with conviction. She encouraged the congregation to be more passionate in serving the Lord and in fulfilling His commands with urgency.

With these encouragements, and the assurance of God’s grace in doing His will, the brethren’s faith grew and they were even more inspired to continue the apostolic mandate in the End Time (Paul Matthew P. Maunahan).

Photo Credits: Mercilette Abainza, Jessie Marikit, Jay-R Villanueva

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