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Nagoya Locale Marks another Victory, Reaches its 16th

Investments of tears in prayers and fasting brought about the success of Nagoya Locale brethren’s most awaited event—Nagoya Locale’s 16th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service entitled, “Gratitude for 16 Years of God’s Goodness” held last August 6, 2017, at Nippon Gaishi Forum (Nagoya-Shi Minato Ku Higashi Matabecho 5-1-16).

Nagoya Church Anniversary

As the divine worship started, the partakers of the service paraded gallantly across brethren and guests. Pastor Nimfa Barrera, Master of Ceremonies, guided the congregation into the whole program. Joyful noises and praises occupied the place as the Nagoya Band led the singing of praise and worship songs.

Nagoya Church Anniversary

Songs of praises were offered by choirs from Nagoya Cadets, Gifu Locale, and Nagoya Locale to pave the way for the word of God to be delivered by the guest speaker of the event, Bishop Rustico Zonio.

Nagoya Church Anniversary

After Pastor Maya Cruz introduced the beloved bishop to the crowd, words of empowerment continue to flow straight to the hearts and spirits of the brethren.

Nagoya Church Anniversary


Bishop Rustico emphasizes on the fact that nothing can impede every victory that is intended for the plan of God, and a perfect example of this is the 16-year grace and abundance the Nagoya brethren have experienced. He also stressed that every aspect of humility that should be exhibited will always bring to exaltation, all for the glory of God, wherever His children may be.

Nagoya Church Anniversary

The celebration continued on through a mini concert held at evening time, where Nagoya Band, together with Nagoya Youth and Cadets, displayed their God-given talents. Everyone went home with restored strength and renewed dedication in the ministry of developing the local church of Nagoya.

Nagoya Church Anniversary Nagoya Church Anniversary Nagoya Church Anniversary Nagoya Church Anniversary Nagoya Church Anniversary Nagoya Church Anniversary Nagoya Church Anniversary

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