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Hamura Locale Commemorates 26th Church Anniversary

God’s grace is truly outpouring in His Church as Hamura Locale celebrated its 26th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service last July 23,2017. Held at the Hamura Locale’s very own chapel, the event was inspired by the theme, “Bountiful Thanksgiving for God’s Glory, Work of Salvation” which was taken from Psalms 103:4. Japan District Coordinator Pastor Maya Cruz was the speaker for this momentous event.

Hamura Church Anniversary
The service started with the Cadets Department’s opening number followed by the joyful singing of hymns and praises. Selected brethren offered a song of praise before Pastor Victor Fuerte delivered the offertory message.

Hamura Church Anniversary Hamura Church Anniversary

Afterward, the Hamura Choir rendered an empowering song of praise which prepared the hearts of the brethren in receiving the words of God. Pastor Jojo Cruz, Hamura’s Head Pastor, introduced the keynote speaker.

Hamura Church Anniversary

Pastor Maya Cruz conveyed the words of God, emphasizing that the believers need to be thankful for all His mighty works and the assurance of our salvation. She also stressed how the believers should take every opportunity to help expand the locale church in the end-time. The striking message of God led the visitors to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Hamura Church Anniversary

Over 139 attendees of the event went home with their souls filled with the Holy Spirit and encouragement in continuing their service to God until the Lord comes to His glorious Church.

Hamura Church Anniversary Hamura Church Anniversary Hamura Church Anniversary Hamura Church Anniversary Hamura Church Anniversary

Hamura Church Anniversary

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