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Kaohsiung Locale in Taiwan Arrives at its 6th Year, Continues to Stand Firm in Faith

Trials and persecutions they may have faced for the past 6 years, but still Kaohsiung Locale had never retreated from battle and they had claimed once again their fort last August 27, 2017 as they celebrate their 6th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service at Kaohsiung Oil Refinery Elementary School, where brethren and visitors gathered with only one purpose: to magnify and thank the Lord for His faithfulness through the years.

The program started with the parade of partakers and guest speaker, Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Coordinator of Bethlehem Area (Ilocos Region, CAR, Philippines). Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung Choirs rendered beautiful pieces of praises that paved the way for the brethren’s hearts to receive empowering messages from God through the speaker of the event. Pastor Reynald stresses on how important it is to stand firm in the faith they received no matter how difficult a task may be. Afterwards, the congregation one by one gave their thanksgiving for the bountiful year that has passed and offered prayers again for the years to come. Pastor Reynald also prayed for the guests especially those who are sick. It was indeed the highlight of the year, making the brethren long for more of God’s blessings and empowerment as they continue to serve Him firmly in faith and in works.

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