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UK District Holds 5-Day Camp, Attendees Renewed and Restored

August 2, 2017, Day 1—with bags packed and hearts ready, the delegates from London, Wales & Becton, Manchester, Berkshire and Ireland local churches arrived one by one. The parade of flags, muses, and partakers, with the special participation of the guest speaker, Evangelist Leticia Ferriol, struck the brethren in reverence and utmost delight as the United Kingdom District officially opens UK District Camp 2017 entitled, “The Mandate of the Restored Church: Proclaim the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth” (Matthew 24:14) at Cardiff, Wales. Everybody knew they were in it for the 5-day spiritual rejuvenation, and this was indeed experienced by all attendees. As the ceremony has come to start, heartfelt songs of praises rendered by the beautiful voices from Manchester, London, and Berkshire brought about an outpour of joy and paved the way for the message of blessing by Pastor Levi Ferriol, and the divine word of God through Evangelist Leticia Ferriol. Stricken by powerful words, but mended by words of hope, the brethren continued to anticipate the following days of the camp.

August 3, 2017, Day 2—brethren woke up with thirst and hunger for more of God’s words as they filled the halls to pray not only for their personal petitions but also for the Church as a whole after Sister Anna Magnaye taught about the importance of prayer. Evangelist Leticia conducted a seminar in the morning, stressing out the importance of the responsibility given to the Church, which is proclaiming the gospel. Pastor Levi Ferriol gave the mission of accepting the challenge of evangelism through his powerful delivery of the message during Worship service. To showcase sportsmanship and camaraderie among the brethren, a fellowship hour and sportsfest were held in the afternoon which was concluded by Pastor Roman Reyes as he gave the message about helping one another towards achieving the goal of the Church.

August 4, 2017, Day 3—Another day of blessings has come and the brethren still show no hesitation in hearing the words of God. After Pastor May Reyes spoke the words of truth during the morning devotion, the halls were filled with the cries of the campers as they entrust the 3rd day of camp to the Lord. Pastor Levi spoke wholeheartedly about dedicating oneself in evangelism while adapting to the ways of the world. Later on, Pastor Gali Concepcion delivered the message of God in during Worship, which brought brethren to open their eyes in the importance and urgency of the mission given by God to His restored Church. Different seminars for youth and adult campers were held and was conducted by Pastor Gali and Evangelist Let respectively. Contests for preaching, Bible drills, and doodle & arts were held in the afternoon, igniting the competitiveness of the campers while promoting fellowship to one another. They also had a PMCC UK Got Talent contest, where attendees were given the opportunity to showcase their God-given talents. Pastor Levi then shed light on the truths revealed by God.

August 5, 2017, Day 4—as the camp for 2017 approaches its end, brethren still show unwavering devotion to all the services, from the morning devotion, to the seminars and the worship service. During Worship, the beloved Evangelist delivered the message of God with full conviction, stressing the fact that there are still a lot of souls that haven’t received the promise of salvation. The afternoon contests continued on, Bible Quiz, Interpretative Dance, Bible Hunt, and Choir Competition, but the highlight of the day was the Dedication Night—a night prepared by the people who have dedicated their lives in the ministry, the students of the Maranatha Bible School. Tears came unstoppable as the brethren gazed and reflected upon the fact of God’s faithfulness to the MBS, that without those people, evangelism would not be possible.

August 6, 2017, Day 5—it may be the last day of camp, but the brethren was as excited as they first arrived. Every part from the Sunday School to the Divine Worship, was a blessing to everyone, and more importantly, produced a lot of campers with renewed dedication in the ministry as a response to God’s mandate. Songs of praises from Berskshire, Manchester, London Voice of Grace Choir and Brother Matthew Jacob Ferriol, eldest of Pastor Levi, delivered heartfelt songs that readied the hearts and minds of the attendees in receiving the words of blessing and teaching. Evangelist Leticia did not let the campers go home without a vision; a vision on maximizing the time given to respond to God’s command. The service concluded with hearts rejuvenated and minds determined to do the works of God with full conviction and without hesitance.

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