Sapian, Ganzon, Alfonxo XII, Boracay and Antique—Thessalonica Area Churches—Rejoice in Celebration of Church Anniversaries.

Churches—Sapian, Ganzon, Alfonxo XII, Boracay, and Antique—from Thessalonica Area were once again recipients and witnesses of God’s magnificent works as they celebrated their respective church anniversaries all bearing the theme “Acknowledging God’s Goodness through Faithful Thanksgiving” (Philippians 1:9-10).

September 3, 2017—Pastor Dan Perez, message speaker for the Divine Worship at Sapian Locale, expounded on the event’s theme, touching the hearts of the brethren as they gave their thanksgiving offering afterwards, each with the whisper of renewed dedication for another year. The event itself gave fruit with the attendance of 143; eighty six (86) of which were visitors.


On the other hand, Ganzon, Alfonxo XII, Boracay, and Antique Local Churches celebrated their church anniversaries last September 10, 2017. All churches had Pastor Dan Perez as the speaker where brethren from these churches were very blessed to have heard the message of God through Pastor Dan’s dedication as Area Coordinator of Thessalonica Area.

Different local churches but only one God through the administration of the Apostle—God continuously provides His Spirit through His sent ones. Truly, God does not fail those who hope in Him and unwaveringly serve Him until the coming of the Lord.


(V. Evangelista)

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