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Remarkable Celebration from Jordan Area Churches for the Gift of Another Year

The month of September was very remarkable for 3 local churches of the PMCC (4th Watch) from Jordan Area—Romblon Province churches—as Looc, San Agustin, and Odiongan locale celebrated their church anniversaries. Odiongan Locale celebrated theirs last September 3 while both Looc and San Agustin, last September 10. When such opportunities like these arise, God does not fail to empower the brethren from His Word and the testimonies of those who have sacrificed for His glory.

Odiongan Locale bore the theme “Bountiful Blessings that Leads to Abundant Thanksgiving” (Colossians 2:7) with the Word of God that was delivered by Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Area Coordinator of Bethlehem Area (Northern Luzon Churches). Through the message which paved the way for the moving of the Holy Spirit, all 412 attendees and visitors were blessed.

After another week that has passed since Odiongan’s celebration came the Church Anniversary of Looc and San Agustin local church. The Locale of Looc catered to 179 people, with 35 visitors and 14 souls who were baptized after Pastor Mary Jane Lacsina instructed the congregation on the effects of abundant giving.

At San Agustin Local Church, over 115 brethren and guests occupied the seats as the event started. Pastor Erick Panopio gave the message of Offertory. Thereafter, Pastor Dante Lacsina deliberately spoke about the event’s theme: “Pleasing God Through Sacrifice and Thanksgiving” from Hebrews 13:15, giving a fresh perspective for the brethren into molding new servants to be pleasing in front of God. As the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of those who have heard the Word, 2 souls were also baptized that day.

Simultaneous church anniversaries of PMCC (4th Watch) may have occurred in the whole month of September, but God’s blessings and faithfulness does not lack in each of these churches.

(V. Evangelista)

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