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MBS Conference 2017 Dedication Night


Resolved to be once again be fully dedicated for the cause of Christ, the Students of Maranatha Bible School together with the Ait’s, Probationaries and Sacrifices completely committed to the final day of the MBS Conference 2017.


The overwhelming spirit of God overflowed throughout the day, strengthening and equipping each and every attendee through the powerful and edifying messages of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol together with the enlightening seminars of Evangelist Leticia Ferriol and the Bishops.


In this 3-day event, seminars about “Lifestyle of a Minister”, “Discovering Church Planting”, “Basic Doctrines”, ” New Testament History”, “Building Ministerial Character”, “Getting Ready for the Ministry”, “How to Pastor a New Local Church”, ” Systematic Preaching”, ” Preparing to Heed the Master’s Call”, “Biblical Stand on Different Faiths”, “The Calling of Apostleship”, “Equipping for the Ministry”, “The Making of a Minister-Leader”, “Conducting Relationships in Line with the Ministry”, “Christian Philosophy”, “Doctrine of God”, and “Getting Acquainted with the Lives of the Apostle” have made each student knowledgeable in every aspect of their ministry

At night, a call for renewed dedication for the Bible Students as well as stepping up for the faith and service of the AIT’s, Probationaries, and Sacrifices was made by the Apostle, and through the moving of the Holy Spirit, every listener that night answered.

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