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Fellowship Renews Canaan Area Brethren’s Dedication to Freedom through Suffering

“Pinalaya tayo ng ating Panginoon sa pamamagitan ng Kaniyang mga pasakit at pagtitiis.” – Ptr. Jun Marbida

Canaan Area Fellowship
The ministers, brethren, and visitors of Pampanga District were blessed in the Canaan Area Fellowship that was held last June 24, 2018 at Blueridge School of Apalit, Pampanga.

Canaan Area Fellowship
The joyful singing was led by the Canaan Area Youth Praise and Worship Team wherein the brethren rejoicing in singing songs of praises to the Lord. Ptr. Joel Catamora, Dau Locale Head Minister, led the opening prayer. In glorifying God through singing of hymns, the Canaan Area Cadets, Youth and Adult Choir rendered their uplifting songs of praises in the midst of saints for the glory of God. Meanwhile, Ptr. Miguel Gelogo, Canaan Area Coordinator, gave a warm welcome to all who partaken the glorious event of the End-time Church in the District of Pampanga.

Canaan Area Fellowship
Ptr. Jun Marbida, one of the Church Presbyters and Church Council Members, ministered the words of God pertaining to the theme, “Suffering is the Root of Freedom.”(Heb 5:7-8). The brethren and visitors were blessed and once again dedicated themselves as they have heard the message of Christ’s sufferings that gave us freedom from our sins.

Canaan Area Fellowship
Through the words of God that was proclaimed in the midst of the congregation, the visitors accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as their savior and they decided to be baptized.

Canaan Area Fellowship Canaan Area Fellowship Canaan Area Fellowship Canaan Area Fellowship

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