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Gilgal Area Rejoices for True Freedom Found in Christ’s Sufferings

Brethren from the Churches in Iloilo Province (Gilgal Area) celebrated freedom from Christ in Gilgal’s Area Fellowship themed, “Suffering is the Root of Freedom” from Hebrews 5:7-8, at the University of the Philippines (Visayas) Auditorium, Iloilo City on July 1, 2018.

Gilgal Area Fellowship
The auditorium was filled with hymns of praise and jubilant rejoicing as the Gilgal Area Praise & Worship team led by Teacher Gibz Geromo opened the event. After the opening prayer by Pastor Eva Nitcha, Songs of Praises were offered to God by choirs from Passi City and Iloilo local churches. Thereafter, Pastor Teofilo Zonio spoke about giving in the Church during Offertory.

Gilgal Area Fellowship
Gilgal Area Fellowship was graced by Church Presbyter, Pastor Lily Ferriol where she delivered the message revealed by God that highlighted the event. She discussed about true freedom—the freedom which resulted to Christ’s sufferings.

Gilgal Area Fellowship
“We are free people – tayo’y napasailalim sa kapangyarihan ng Dios.” Pastor Lily declared in her message that to be free means to be under God’s authority and being His followers means obedience to His teachings through discipleship.

Gilgal Area Fellowship
The day was no ordinary one for Gilgal Area brethren as the Word of God that resounded the walls moved their hearts and minds, inculcating the task of levelling their service unto the Lord as proof of gratitude for their God-given freedom.

Gilgal Area Fellowship Gilgal Area Fellowship Gilgal Area Fellowship Gilgal Area Fellowship Gilgal Area Fellowship Gilgal Area Fellowship Gilgal Area Fellowship

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