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Gunma Locale Celebrates Seven Years of God’s Marvelous Goodness

Even the extremely humid weather could not hinder the PMCC 4th Watch Gunma Locale from expressing their utmost gratitude to God when they celebrated their 7th Church Anniversary. Echoes of rejoicing and joyful adoration filled Gunma Kaikan last August 5, as the brethren celebrated this momentous event inspired by the theme “Gratitude for Seven Years of God’s Marvelous Goodness” taken from I Chronicles 16:24.

Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary

Sis Nathalie Hoshino together with the Praise and Worship team led by Sis Jackie Bargamento inspired the congregation to worship the Lord through Hymns and Praises. Then, Sis Elizabeth Kagimura led the Opening Prayer, while the Reading of the Scriptures was led by Bro Mio Valentino. Ptr. Ruth Rosas, one of the members of the Japan District Committee, and Gunma Locale Minister welcomed the brethren and visitors with warm gladness. The Offertory Message was then administered by Ptr. Celso Rosas, Gunma Locale Head Minister, and Japan Elders’ Department co-in-charge. He reminded the brethren that the Lord seeks for faithful givers. He emphasized that God is very much pleased with giving coupled with sacrifice, tremendous value, a joyful heart, and love.

Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary

Subsequently, Angono Locale Head Minister, and Macedonia Area Sub-Coordinator, Ptr Sammy Bagcat, reiterated the reasons why we need to be bold in expressing our gratitude for all of God’s marvelous goodness. He pointed out that the eminence of God’s goodness always leads us to repentance and brings us to salvation. Through this magnificent gift of salvation, we were then made children of God and recipients of the Lord’s unending goodness and mercy. The Holy Spirit moved mightily as Ptr. Sammy Bagcat called for the dedication. Each of the more than a hundred attendees was certainly inspired to aim more for God’s glory. The congregation joyously continued to witness God’s spectacular works through Music in a Gospel Concert showcasing various talents from selected brethren and most especially from Ptr Sammy Bagcat.

Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary

Thereafter, Ptr Ruth Rosas delivered the Words of God fervently. She emphasized that trials and hardships exempt no one on earth. All men, even the most righteous believer may suffer trials. But through God’s marvelous and amazing goodness, no matter how hard our trials may be, we will always manage to remain grateful, steadfast, and firm in our faith because God upholds us in times of trouble. He also gives us the strength to overcome these trials, and He is able to make all things work together for our good.

Gunma Church Anniversary Gunma Church Anniversary

Though this occasion concluded with a prayer, it began a renewed devotion in the hearts of the participants to partake in the progress of the locale church in the years to follow, and until the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. (M. Calalo)

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