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A Decade of God’s Grace, Amparo Locale Rejoices 12th Church Anniversary

The brethren of Amparo Locale gathered at the Amparo Covered Court to celebrate their 12th Anniversary with the theme “Bringing the Sheep into the Fold” derived from John 10:16.

Amparo Church Anniversary
For the Opening Ceremony, the young people presented a dance number emphasizing on “praying more, winning more, and building more.”

Amparo Church Anniversary

Leading the brethren to sing the highest adoration unto the Lord, the Praise and Worship was headed by Sis. Mylene Oranza. The Opening Prayer was then led by Bro. Ed Corong followed by Ptr. Alex Genavia who extended a warm welcome to all the visitors, brethren, and to their guest speaker, Presbyter June Alano. Furthermore, the reading of the Holy Scripture was led by Bro. Ryan Carandang, the Yellow Area Adviser.

Amparo Church Anniversary

Songs of praises were lifted unto God by the Youth Department, Livingstones, and Marikina Bible School Choir to prepare their minds, hearts, and most of all, spirit in listening to the Words of God.

The message of blessings was delivered by Ptr. Jose Corpuz pointing out that abundant faith and love result to a fearless offering and thanksgiving for the Lord.

Amparo Church Anniversary

Presbyter June Alano, ministered the Words of God, emphasizing on the attributes of a sheep, how to catch sight of them, bring them to light, and intensifying the brethren’s desire on bringing more sheep into the fold.

Amparo Church Anniversary

Numerous visitors gladly accepted Christ as their Savior and a large percentage of them recognized the importance of baptism hence, agreeing on being baptized on the night itself.

Doubtlessly, we can see how the Amparo Locale has grown not only in number but also in faith, all because of the benevolence of the Lord.

Amparo Church Anniversary Amparo Church Anniversary Amparo Church Anniversary Amparo Church Anniversary Amparo Church Anniversary Amparo Church Anniversary Amparo Church Anniversary


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