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Happy Birthday Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol!

Today we celebrate a very special day most especially to the whole Church in the End-Time. January 14 is not simply the Sent One’s day of birth but rather it is a day of declaration and celebration of the calling of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, that a man was born not only to proclaim and establish the gospel of Christ, but rather to prepare the Church to perfection as we await for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Happy birthday to our Church’s executive minister, forerunner of the 4th Watch faith, humble servant leader of the Church, and Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. Every day we are humbled by your existence. Your presence is our assurance that the Word of God and His gift of salvation remains true.

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