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Start Right Stay Strong Finish Well!

Here’s a devotional I wrote last 2018 about personal enrichment. It is a collection of 15 time-tested and biblically sound principles to enable you to achieve your best. This is the first devotional of its kind that has been written in our church. At the beginning of 2021, I’m making it available for free in all social media platforms such as FB and in IG. I hope that you will watch and share it with others, as we all strive to be more accomplished this year and beyond! God bless you!

DAY FIFTEEN: Finish Well
You’ve finally made it! Though the road to an achieved life is long, 15 days of guided lessons and advice with Bishop Jonathan is definitely a start! As we conclude this devotional, Bishop commends us to finish well!
A huge thanks for starting the year right, staying strong, and finishing well with us! Like and comment down below how you applied these lessons have transformed your everyday life! #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY FOURTEEN: Empower Your Team
Do you have a select few people that you call your “a-team?” The backbone to your success is an empowered group of people on your side! Bishop Jonathan continues his devotional by calling us to, “Empower Your Team!” #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY THIRTEEN: Shield Yourself from Distractions!
Your goals’ biggest enemies are distractions! Today’s devotional with Bishop Jonathan emphasizes the need to, “Shield Yourself from Distractions!” #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY TWELVE: Revisit Your Fundamentals!
There’s no shortcut to competency, go back to the basics! As we continue on the road towards a more achieved life, Bishop Jonathan urges us to, “Revisit Your Fundamentals!” #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY ELEVEN: Get Your Priorities Straight
With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy for us to get lost in our everyday responsibilities. Bishop Jonathan reminds us to, “Get Your Priorities Straight,” and to seek God first this year! #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY TEN: Keep Your Eyes on the Future
2021 is the year for visionaries! It doesn’t seem like it’s been ten days since the new year, but we are determined to, “Keep Your Eyes on the Future,” as Bishop Jonathan encourages us to pursue our vision! #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY NINE: Preserve Your Gains
Are you riding on the waves of success in the first few days of 2021? Basking in victory is fitting, but it’s also the time to be mindful and vigilant! Bishop Jonathan cautions us to, “Preserve Your Gains” in today’s devotional. #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY EIGHT: Manage Your Setbacks
Everyone experiences failures, but what’s significant is the comeback! On day eight of pursuing an accomplished life, Bishop Jonathan encourages us to, “Manage Your Setbacks.” #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY SEVEN: Take Time to Rest, Recuperate, and Celebrate
The journey to an accomplished life isn’t always “pedal to the medal.” It’s okay to take breaks! On day seven of Bishop Jonathan’s devotional, we realize the importance to, “Take Time to Rest, Recuperate, and Celebrate.” #15DaysWithBJSF

You don’t have to face 2021 on your own; seek to surround yourself with the right people! Discover how to, “Get Support and Feedback” this year with Bishop Jonathan, from day six of his devotional, “Start Right, Stay Strong, Finish Well!” #15DaysWithBJSF

DAY FIVE: Develop Discipline,
“Sow a habit, reap a character,” is the very saying that should shape your new year! If there’s one way to be accomplished, it is to be disciplined in every aspect on our journey towards betterment. Explore the need to “Develop Discipline,” with Bishop Jonathan on our fifth day of his devotional! #15DaysWithBJSF

Day Four: Start Small But Steady
Change doesn’t mean turning your world upside-down at a moment’s notice, but it does require us to stay on the right track. On the fourth day of our journey to an accomplished life, Bishop Jonathan shares that we’ve got to “Start Small But Steady.” Check it out! #15DaysWithBJSF

Ever heard the saying “knowledge is power?” It’s exactly true in every aspect of our lives! We’ve got to immerse ourselves in truths and information. In the third day of his devotional, Bishop Jonathan encourages us to “Learn as Much as You Can.” #15DaysWithBJSF

When was the last time you stopped to evaluate your whole-being? It’s important to take inventory of ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from time to time. On day two of his devotional video series, Bishop Jonathan shares, “The Need for Self-Examination.”

Start the new year right with Bishop Jonathan in the first day of his 15 day devotional! Today, we learn that we’ve got to “Commit to Change” in any endeavor or pursuit. Follow along and let others know how you’re starting strong with the hashtag #15DaysWithBJSF

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