Grace Upon Grace

“For from his fullness, we have all received grace upon grace”
John 1:16

There’s no definition for grace. But what grace lacks in definition, it makes it up in a demonstration.

God is the fount of grace. He is its wellspring (James 4:6). This is one singular reason why God is God because He alone could dispense grace to us its unworthy recipients.

Jesus, our Messiah is the embodiment of grace. He is grace incarnate (John 1:14). In Christ, we have not only heard grace preached in sound words, but we see grace demonstrated in powerful actions. By grace, Jesus healed the broken, lifted up the downtrodden, restored the penitent and ultimately, saved us from damnation. Only Jesus could give us that gift of grace that we all in dire need of (Ephesians 2:8).

The world cannot continue turning a blind eye to grace if it desires to live with meaning and purpose. The sooner our generation admits the truth that our systems of flawed morality, weak religion, and crumbling self-governance are incapable of saving what’s left of our humanity, the better. God’s grace wants and can save the world. The world just needs to acknowledge Jesus as the one who has come with grace upon grace! (John 1:16).

And for us, who have already received grace, we must see to it that we don’t treat it in vain (2 Corinthians 6:1). Insulting the “spirit of grace” should never be said of us. But tragically, it is. The untold number of believers are in apostasy and wallowing in a spiritual morass. If you are one who is in this self-destructive predicament, I say this – it is time for you to get out of it! Grace is here. It’s offering help to you. Reach out to it!

This Christmas resolve to begin living life and conducting your service in God’s brand of grace! Let grace transform you. Let grace energize you. And let grace, bring you ever closer to His throne!

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