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Camp 2017 Short Film Contest Mechanics

  • ADVISORY (UPDATED AS OF MARCH 22, 2017, 9:00 pm)


Please read the following instructions step by step in preparing and making your entry/entries for the Short Film Contest.

STEP 1 Form a Group

  • 4th Watchers only
  • Professional or non-professional
  • Open to former members of the ReDEEM Department
  • Composed of production members exclusive for the group represented (Director, Scriptwriter, Cameraman, editor, musical scorer, talents, hosts, etc.)

STEP 2 Inform your local pastor and area coordinator that you have created such group and get his/ her approval

  • Provide your local pastor with the list of the members of your group
  • Provide your area coordinator with the list of the members of your group

STEP 3 Submit your group name and list of members and contact number

  • Through Facebook by Explore 2017 Group
  • Through Facebook Messenger
  • Through text message: 0930-244-1925
  • Look for Sis. Lizka Benavides
  • ¬†Through email:

STEP 4 Choose category/ categories that you want to join

  • Documentary
    • About faith and the bible
    • 8-10 minutes
  • Ads
    • About PMCC (4th Watch)
    • 30-45 seconds
  • Testimony
    • About Conversion or triumphs in struggles of faith
    • 5-7 minutes
    • First person or second person format
    • With or without host
    • Can use reenactments
  • News
    • Local Church activities
    • 2-4 minutes
    • With onscreen newscaster
  • Music Video
    • Cover of original music produced by the music ministry of the church.
    • Or imagery of the original versions from the music ministry of the church
    • 4-6 minutes

STEP 5 Your entry will be judged separately

  • Best video
  • Best story
  • Best Director
  • Best Scoring
  • Best Editing
  • Best Screen Talent
  • Best Voice Talent

STEP 6 Submission of entries

  • Deadline: April 9, 2017, Sunday
  • Send to
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